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Our relationships with our clients led us to establish a Timber and Recreational Tract Division in 2009. Our affiliate company, Frances Timber Company, began with the brokerage of a 200-acre tract in 2000 and continued with another firm, T5 Holdings, in the purchase of 206 acres of land on Smith Lake in Cullman     County.     This

project consisted of redeveloping a lake front.   Longleaf participated in this subdivision.   This  area  of our  business  focuses   on  the  growing  demand  for our clients  looking for alternative investments in
real estate.   In doing so,  we saw a need to associate with some of the strongest experts in the timber business.   We can assist in  the  evaluation of timber and recreation values and list or represent buyers interested in this type of property throughout the Southeast.

We currently associate with timber procurement buyers, foresters and loggers from Northeast Alabama to the Florida Panhandle. In addition, our commercial crossover expertise can advise clients who currently own large tracts with changing demographics and assist in alternative use studies so that they can achieve higher prices for their large land tracts. We strive to understand the property and make recommendations that will turn profits into dollars for our clients. This process can sometimes take years and must be established with a good Timber Management Plan. Once a plan is in place, our firm can assist in the implementation of the plan.

It is our ultimate belief that we are your partner and we manage your money as if it were our own. Our staff reports monthly with written statements and we make every effort to make owner disbursements by the 10th of each month. Our philosophy is that it is our job to turn your real estate into cash as quickly as possible.

For those clients who enjoy the outdoors and timber management as a secondary objective, we can assist in the implementation of a Wildlife Management Plan through engaging wildlife biologists to assess the current tract and changes that may be implemented to increase productivity of wildlife. Recreational tracts can be for a variety of purposes and we would like to understand your needs and fulfill them with the right tract and the best price in the market. So if you are in need of buying or selling a recreational or timber tract, please give us an opportunity to understand your needs.