Longleaf Realty Partners, LLC Creating Value in Commercial Real Estate
Longleaf Realty Partners, LLC commercial real estate firm who looks at your business, and understands the impact of where you are going.

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Our philosophy is that we want our clients to achieve their financial goals through ownership in real estate. We seek to achieve value in areas unrecognized or underused thereby constantly seeking to achieve high rates of returns for our clients while minimizing risks.

We establish a baseline goal for our clients by analyzing objectives from the initial consultation.

We listen intently to understand them allowing us to make realistic recommendations by dissecting our client’s goals and holdings which give us good benchmarks to maximize sales price and portfolio return. We constantly seek to identify opportunities to add value to existing properties whether it is improving vendor or tenant relations or improving usage of space.

We constantly seek to understand, market knowledge through review of lease rates, cap rates, comparable sales, competition, vacancy and velocity of demand. We seek to compare these market conditions to other markets so that our clients understand how local markets differ throughout the Southeast. Our investment analysis will give you the details and provide the local knowledge to make educated decisions in the investment of Commercial Real Estate.

Our clients’ successful investments assist us in our success.