Kenny Pipe & Supply


Longleaf Realty Partners, LLC assisted and consulted with the acquisition and redevelopment of a former industrial warehouse located at 811 Cowan Street in Nashville, Tennessee. The client was leasing office space in a B office park in the suburbs and traffic patterns in Nashville began to make it difficult for key executives to traverse downtown to their branch and distribution center located at 715 Cowan Street in Nashville near Titans’ Nissan Stadium. In addition to the traffic, the branch could no longer support the distribution function of the corporate footprint.

Dilemma: How can the client solve oversight of distribution, reduce travel times for key executives and increase distribution capacity?

Value Proposition: Purchase and redevelop the 811 Cowan Street Building. Convert 12,000 square feet of the building into office space for executive leadership and the balance of 49,000 square feet to be used to move distribution from 715 Cowan Street, so the branch could grow and support the nine branch systems with a new distribution hub.

Longleaf assisted Kenny in analyzing their problem then stepped in and brokered the property for the acquisition and acted as a 3rd party Developer in the redevelopment of the site, creating value for Kenny Pipe and Supply.

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