Creating Value

In Commercial Real Estate
We seek to create value with your listings, leases, sales and liquidations. Whether it is a portfolio or an owner occupant, we strive to achieve client and customer goals. Whether it is monetizing excess equity, relocating for added value, or disposing of excess inventory, we want to assist you in maximizing your real estate investment. We will formulate a team and strategy that will put your real estate capital to work and achieve an above average return on capital by reducing the transaction time and costs increasing your equity or managing the expenses. Call us for a review of your real estate needs.
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At Longleaf Realty Partners, our transactions are a success if our clients and customers win. We want each transaction to be custom fit to your needs. Therefore, we make it our job to know our clients needs and goals by applying our market knowledge to create the best opportunities that are available. We will cover your industrial, office, investment and medical office needs. It’s why we make it our job to keep you up to date at all times and provide insight and advice to make good informed decisions. This includes the decision to “walk away” from a transaction or deal, no matter how attractive, when the transaction does not make sense.

If experience has taught us anything, it’s this: Good deals are built on good information, but ultimately nothing is more important than using common sense applied with market awareness. So, if you are looking for deals that fit your goals, short term and long term, call us. We’ll take you there.

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