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Calera Industrial Project:

Calera Industrial Project This project was purchased in 2006 and consisted of a 26,000 square foot crane building on six acres of land. The building was rehabilitated and leased for a distribution facility later that year to Summer Classics. Summer Classics expanded their indoor line of furniture within this facility. In 2010 an additional fifteen acres was purchased for future development.

During a time of uncertainty Longleaf was able to purchase, reposition and achieve a nice rate of return in a declining market. Then in 2012 the 26,000 square foot building was sold achieving a 16.6% ROI for the Private Equity Ownership. Longleaf continues to seek alternatives for the adjacent vacant land.


Monclair Office Building Montclair Office Building:

Longleaf purchased this multi-tenant office building in November 2006 and is in the process of renovating and repositioning the building. Our confidence in the building’s future is best evidenced by the fact that Longleaf Realty Partners has established its headquarters at this location.

The 22,286 square foot building is home to City of Mountain Brook, Choice Home Care Specialists, Sterne Agee, Allstate Financial Services, Regulatory Solutions as well as local accounting and law firms. The building is well located in the prestigious Birmingham suburb of Mountain Brook.

Children’s Medical Group, PC Headquarters

This project was initiated while Claude Tindle was associated with another firm. Since forming Longleaf Realty Partners, Tindle has continued his block renovation initiative.

Childer's Medical Group, PC Headquarters The original property consisted of three buildings and a vacant lot located along Seventh Avenue South in mid-town Birmingham. One building was completely gutted leaving the exterior structure and roof to accommodate a covered parking lot.

The second building, located at 2316 Seventh Avenue South, was a former manufacturing facility. The building was rehabilitated into a modern office building for Children’s Medical Group, P.C. The building features 16 foot ceilings in the lobbies and exposed brick walls in the waiting offices and exam rooms. A full operating kitchen was delivered and featured in Southern Living for its Lowe’s display advertising ideas for featured kitchens.

The third building was renovated into 5,000 square feet of office/warehouse and was leased to a wholesaler.

The fourth building on the corner of 24th Street and Seventh Avenue South was sold to an Investment Partner which renovated this property for their assessor holdings.