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Good relationships define our business. We plan our priorities in the hands of our clients. So in 2007 we established a property management division to exceed priorities established by our clients.

The property management division provides traditional property management services that include:

  1. Analyzation of owner’s needs.
  2. Establish budgets to meet needs
  3. Implement a management plan to meet or exceed the needs of our owners and deliver on the income side through strict accountability and
    exceed expectations on the expense side by regularly reviewing vendor relationships and pricing and annual review of tax assessments.
  4. Regular reporting
  5. Quarterly review

Our approach is hands-on and allows us to negotiate the best prices for our clients and regularly balance optimal service and fair pricing form vendors. We regularly advise our clients on vendor strategy and pricing pressure’s in the marketplace. Our frequent tenant contact assist us in prompt renewals in a win-win fashion.

Our goal for new clients is to save an average ten (10%) of their current property expenditures in the first year of management without sacrificing quality of service. If we do not meet or exceed this goal we manage the property at a reduced fee.

Our ultimate goal is to be your partner in spirit not on your balance sheet. We manage your money as if it was our own and expect to achieve an above market return or your real estate capital. We report monthly with statements at owners request and make every effort to make owner disbursments by the 10th of the month. Our philosophy is that it is our job to turn your real estate into cash as quickly as possible.

Please contact either Anne Busbee or Claude Tindle should you be interested in exploring how Longleaf Management can add value to your commercial real estate holdings or fill out this form.